1U149-010-4, Model 5000B-54 Sigma-Tek Attitude Indicator, Air, 8°, Lighted



1U149-010-4, Model 5000B-54 Attitude Indicator, Air, 8°, Lighted

1U149-010-4 Overview

The 5000B is an air-driven gyro that has a pictorial horizon mask and fixed aeroplane. The mask moves to indicate climb, dive, and bank. Bank and pitch attitudes are displayed so that the pilot’s sensing of the gyro indication is the same as the interpretation of the relation between the wings of the aircraft and the natural horizon during visual flight.

This instrument is FAA certified and can be used to replace the aircraft’s turn coordinator when equipped with an inclinometer.

The Standard configuration can replace most air driven gyros with the major difference being in the layout and colours of the display.

NOTE: Lighted instruments do not include lamp trays, please see accessories to purchase separately.


  • Height: 3.38″
  • Width: 3.38″
  • Depth: 7.35″
  • Weight: 1.8 lbs. max.
  • Markings: Matte white
  • Finish: Dull black
  • Temperature: -30° to 50° C
  • Vibration: CPS: 5 to 50
  • Maximum Double Amplitude: 0.020 in.
  • Maximum Acceleration: 1.5 G’s
  • Humidity: 0% to 95% at 32° C
  • Altitude: 0 to 40,000 ft.
  • Warning Flag: No

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