D120P2-T(20K), Model D120-P2-T, Trans-Cal Encoder 20K, Encoding


D120P2-T(20K), Model D120-P2-T, Trans-Cal Encoder 20K, Encoding

D120P2-T(20K) Features

  • A low-cost altitude reporting system that will meet and also satisfy all the requirements of TSO-C88.
  • The system is completely independent of the pilot’s altimeter and also consists of: a temperature compensated pressure sensitive dual aneroid capsule, associated mechanical linkages and an encoder module.
  • The encoder module is an optical type utilizing diodes, a code disc, solid state detector and also associated electronics.
  • Available in various operating altitude ranges corresponding to individual model numbers.
  • The D120-P2-T series encoders are now available by order ONLY. Also, Allow 6-8 weeks ARO.


  • POWER REQUIREMENTS: 10-15 or 22-30 Volts DC
  • PRESSURE DATUM: Reference to 29.92 in Hg. Absolute (1013.25 millibars)
  • STORAGE TEMPERATURE: -65 to +70C (non-operating)
  • ALTITUDE: does not affect when subjected to a pressure range equivalent to -1200 feet to +35000 feet.
  • ACCURACY: matching within +/-125 feet of the primary flight altimeter
  • WEIGHT: 19 oz.
  • Lastly, DIMENSIONS: 4.11″H x 3.25″W x 3.25″L

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