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Krytox 240 AZ Grease Overview

Krytox 240 AZ is a MIL PRF-27617 TYPE I grease. It also has NSF H-1 rating for incidental food contact. Krytox 240 AZ meets MIL-SPEC requirements. We must order it as NLGI Grade 1 to meet the specification. Krytox 240AZ is the lowest viscosity grease of the 240 series greases. Ideal for applications that require a very low viscosity grease. Temperature is -57 to 149°C.

Krytox 240AZ grease is based on perfluoropolyether (PFPE) oils. We can use these synthetic fluorinated lubricants in extreme conditions such as continuous high temperatures up to 149ºC and higher temperatures for shorter periods, depending on product grade limits. Chemically inert and safe for use around hazardous chemicals, these lubricants are non-flammable and are safe for use in oxygen service. Krytox oils and greases are silicone free and do not damage plastics or elastomers or cause corrosion to metals. We can commonly use them as lubricants in aerospace, automotive, industrial and semiconductor applications as well as solving many other routine lubrication problems.

Military specifications originally written for Krytox greases and have been certified continuously since the specification was originally written. We require the certification every five years. Krytox greases are standard as NLGI Grade 2 penetration. The 240 AZ meets MIL-SPEC requirements. Lastly, We must order it as NLGI Grade 1 to meet the specification.

Specifications met

MIL PRF-27617, also NSF H-1 RATED


Bearings, Seals, Valves, Oxygen Devices, O-Rings, and also Threads


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