D-180 Hand Hydraulic Riveter



D-180 Hand Hydraulic Riveter Overview

Since their introduction in 1983, the FSI Blind Fastener Installation Tools have become a standard in the aircraft/aerospace industry. It meets the varied blind fastening needs of the aircraft repair specialist. The D-180 provides a unique blend of power, versatility and compact size never before available in one hand tool. D-180 Series Riveter can install any straight pull blind fastener with a required installation load of 5,000 lbs or less. We can use it mostly to install CherryMax® rivets and blind rivet nuts. A wide variety of adapters, nosepieces and also special pulling heads are available to enable the user to efficiently install blind rivets in the most demanding situations.

Originally D-180 series tools were designed for military applications but can be used on commercial airliners, private aeroplanes and also helicopter fleet. As well as aerospace vehicle manufacturers’ field modification and repair teams because of its wide capability and compact size. Relying on the D-180 (military version) riveter, this tool can provide the ability to install all CherryMax® rivets (1/8-1/4”), pull thru nutplate rivet (3/32-1/8”), Interlock® & Magna-Lok® (3/16—1/4”) and all Pop type rivets from 3/32” thru 1/4” diameter.


  • Pulling Force: 5,000 lbs (2178 kg)
  • Stroke: 825” (21 mm)
  • Overall Dimensions: 9.50” L x 1.75” W x 6.25” H
  • Power Source: Hand Operated, Two-Valve Cylindri- cal Hydraulic Pump Assembly with Pressure Relief Valve.

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