MD41-1928, Model MD41 Annunciation Control Unit – 28V, Horizontal



MD41-1928, Model MD41 Annunciation Control Unit – 28V, Horizontal

MD41-1928 Description

The MD41-1928 is a compact, and also self -contained GPS Annunciation and Control unit. It combines all the necessary functions required to interface the Allied Signal KLN 900 approach-certified GPS receiver with the MD41-244/248 remote mounted relay transfer system. In addition, the MD41-1924 contains several GPS status annunciations used to indicate modes selected by the front panel switches and also various inputs from the GPS receiver

A special ILS override feature has been incorporated to cause the MD41-1928 to automatically switch to the NAV mode when the NAV (VOR) receiver is tuned to an ILS frequency. Other features include dual 20,000-hour lamps used for all annunciations, internally lighted selection switches and also automatic photocell dimming. Lastly, An external annunciation dimming adjustment is provided for balancing low-level light conditions.


Mounting: Panel

Width: 3.25 Inch

Height: 0.80 Inches

Depth: 3.22 Inch

Weight: 0.50 lb

TSO Compliance: TSO C129

Applicable Documents: RTCA DO-160C, DO-208

Operating Temperature Range: -55 to +70°C

Humidity: 95% Non-Condensin

Altitude Range: 0 to 55,000

Vibration: Cat. M and also N

Lastly, Operational Shock: Rigid Mounting, 6 G Operational (15 G Crash Safe)


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